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June 15, 2021

Factors That Impact Customer Perceptions of Your Business

Your customer’s outlook on your company can drastically affect the amount of business you receive. Making a good first impression is essential for any company. One bad experience can sour a customer’s view of your company, which can spread by word of mouth to other people. When you control the narrative surrounding your business, you have better control over your success.

Customer Service

When patrons walk into your establishment, they should be able to expect royal treatment. Roll out the red carpet for any new customer, and ask them questions about what they are looking for. A welcoming voice can be enough to sell customers on the products you sell.

Your role as a business manager shouldn’t just be to make customers feel welcome. You should be actively engaged in employee training to ensure that they do the same thing. Since you won’t often be at the register, make sure you find skilled workers who can do your company well. Their appearance and attitude should represent your company values.

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The most prevalent way that people evaluate your company will be through your digital reviews. This is why their initial impression of your company is so important. Everyone's a critic these days, so you should value each customer’s experience as if it were fine gold. Reviews are twice as likely to be a factor for customers than loyalty.

When you know that a customer had a great experience, encourage them to leave you a review. Once you have a sizable amount of feedback, you can work to make your company better. You may also want to give incentives for the less convinced.

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Lastly, your branding can do you a lot of good or harm the way people view your company. Most customers want to patronize businesses that feel professional, and a big way you can alter this view of your company is through proper branding. For instance, your company website should look professional.

Poorly designed websites can make people hesitant to patronize your company. Additionally, your branding should be geared toward the type of business that you are. A fun, exciting restaurant should feel more at home using bright colors and casual language than a law firm would.

Source: https://www.oliveandcompany.com/blog/branding 

These are a few of the most common ways people judge your company. While you may not be perfect in some of these aspects, this is your time to make necessary changes. Objectively review the different factors that may shine a negative light on your company, and make conscious plans to change them.

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