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August 23, 2021

How to Appeal to Your Audience on Social Media

Amid all the technological expansion, one of the most important and most notable for a rising-star company is social media. Digital public squares like Twitter and Facebook allow you to get the word out about your company. You can promote your brand more easily. However, you need to do it the right way.

Create Interactive Experiences

If you want to appeal to the masses, you can’t just post whatever, you need to be strategic. One of the best ways to expand your company’s reach is through interactive experiences that subtly promote your brand. For instance, Instagram promotions where a company asks their customers to post a video or picture with their product (for a reward) can lead to high exposure. Plus, it’s a lot of fun!

Additionally, you can have your community participate in polls or ask them questions about your brand. Creating more opportunities for your customers to engage with you will give you more information moving forward. Never underestimate marketing your product in fun ways.

Add More Entertaining Content

Speaking of which, your content doesn’t have to be interactive. While it is smart to have the vast majority of your posts engage with the customer, you can still garner audience attention through other methods of entertainment. Humorous videos and eye-catching photography can be one of those ways.

You should use the 80/20 rule for balancing entertainment with content that promotes your brand. This means that 80 percent of your content should be interactive and entertaining, while 20 percent should be used to promote real products. It makes your page feel like a community without too many ads filling up the home page.

Use Their Language

Yet another fantastic way to keep your posts down-to-earth would be to use words that your audience would use. If you run a professional business like a law firm or financial firm, you probably will want to keep your business-speak highly professional. For other companies, you can have more leeway to reach out to customers.

One major problem you might face when speaking to your audience on social media is becoming too cringey. Avoid using slang words you don’t understand. People can tell when you are being insincere when you do.

Becoming a social media strategist takes a lot of work, but it is totally up to you. The way you decide to plan out your posts and the way you create content will ultimately decide how your audience views you. Be sincere, and get to tweeting!

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