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November 20, 2020

These Factors Can Make or Break Your Business Online

You have worked hard to create a business that you can be proud of. So there are a few things that need to be considered if you want your business to stay successful. Your website, your business reviews, and your social media all need to be kept up to date and can make or break your business.

Your Website

A poorly designed website can immediately turn off potential customers. The design of your website means everything. Most people are attracted to things that are visually pleasing. The use of colors, fonts, and images will help your customers feel happier and understand that you are a legitimate business. If your website is outdated, then they may think that you aren’t in business anymore or that you’re a scam. You want your website to convey the right messages to your customers. The message that you are clean, organized, and value your customers.


97 percent of customers base their decision to work with a business on reviews. Since the statistic is so high, it’s very important for you to stay on top of your reviews. This means replying to the negative comments and trying to fix any issues or complaints they have. It also means replying to the positive comments with a quick thank you. Potential customers that are looking through the reviews will see that you work with your customers and value their opinion. You want them to have a good experience with your business and new customers will appreciate that.

Social Media

Just like the reviews, many potential customers check out a business’s social media accounts. They will look for comments from other customers and see if your products and services are worth buying. They want to see what the products look like. Your social media is a chance for you to brag about your company and show everyone just how great your business can be. It’s a great marketing tool that needs to be taken advantage of for the success of your business.

Your website, your business reviews, and your social media are all valuable assets to your business. They will help your business to grow and your potential customers can see everything that you have to offer. Each of these factors will show your customers that you have a strong business and you’re proud of it.

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